The Beginning

Cold Turkey

After watching the documentary, “Eating”, a profound feeling came over me.   My husband, who also watched the film, had a similar experience.  We looked at each other and simultaneously agreed that, “We can’t do this any more.  We can no longer eat meat.” We knew we could never again support the industrial farming of animals.  The utter cruelty and disregard for life graphically filmed in real time was overwhelming.  And, the health issues surrounding the eating of animal flesh was completely convincing as the testimonials were from the members of the medical community.  From that moment on we haven’t touched meat, dairy nor eggs and we never will.

If a person wouldn’t eat their pet, why would they eat another animal with similar sentience?  That question finally permeated my consciousness.  Look into the eyes of a cow, cat, pig, dog or any other animal raised as a pet or food and you see a kindness, sweetness and playfulness that means they like living just like us.  I wasn’t raised on a farm, but I have to believe that children who befriend and raise animals have got to connect with those animals on a heart level.  How can they extract themselves from those animals when it’s time for slaughter without feelings of guilt, sorrow and loss?  Doesn’t that take a toll on their humanity?  And, for the rest of us, we get through it because we just don’t think about it.  We won’t let ourselves.

After I pronounced myself a vegan, the next question was, “what to eat”?  It didn’t weigh on me too long because of all the wonderful resources out there.  The Internet can answer that question in countless ways.  Books like The Engine 2 Diet and Eating and dozens of veggie cookbooks provide recipes, resources and guidance to get you started and to keep you going.  There are vegan meet-ups (we joined two) and online support groups.  I look at menus online before going into a restaurant to make sure I can order a meal without animal products.  When it’s hopeless, I just avoid the place.  Servers do their best to work with the kitchen on your behalf.  And, the more of us that ask, the more we will find vegan options.

I am so happy to have made this life change.  I’ve lost 10 pounds without trying and my cholesterol has dropped 50 points since Nov. 2009.  My biggest problem with this diet is baggy clothes.  The biggest surprise is the phenomenal range of delicious foods I’ve been introduced to.  Next time, I’ll talk about those.

Keep on veggin’

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